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    NOT a movie plot: Tens of millions of Americans are drinking radioactive tap water

    "Imagine radioactive chemicals making their way into the water supply, where tens of millions of Americans can drink it regularly and become ill from it. It sounds like a great plot for a movie – until you realize that it’s actually happening right now. In fact, you could well be one of the many people unwittingly consuming this contaminated water.It may sound far-fetched, but there is solid proof that Americans are drinking radioactive tap water.

    An analysis that was carried out by the Environmental Working Group (EWG) from 2010 to 2015 revealed that up to 170 million Americans are being exposed to drinking water that has enough radioactive contamination to raise their risk of cancer. In fact, the levels of radioactive compounds such as radium, uranium and radon exceed federal legal limits and those set by the EPA, which are 40 years old and widely believed to be too low. The most widespread radioactive contaminates were radium-226 and radium-228.

    The EWG’s Tap Water Database, which compiles the results of water quality testing for 50,000 utilities across the country, found that more than 22,000 utilities in every state of the nation are using water with radium in it. You can take a look at their interactive map or enter your zip code into their site to find out how safe the water is in your area.

    The news is especially bad for California, which is the state with the greatest number of residents impacted by radiation-laden drinking water. Around 64 percent of the population there is believed to be affected. The contamination is most widespread, however, in Texas, where 80 percent of the population has detectable levels of the two radium isotopes. Full article:

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    Re: NOT a movie plot: Tens of millions of Americans are drinking radioactive tap water

    That explains a lot. I've heard Nebraska's ground water is nasty as hell, and I can still remember when Hamburg Beach had to close because of all the slag the steel plants were dumping into the lake. Evangola was still open, but that wasn't water I saw lapping up onto the shore. Americans can be so naive about their government protecting them from pollutants in our atmosphere and water. Remember Flint, Michigan? And that wasn't radiation, that was lead in the water. Everyone was surprised...except me. If the government can't (or won't) protect us from each other then how the hell is it going to protect my water supply? It ain't.
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