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    I'm reading comic books

    I'm reading digital comic books on my computer at 4 in the morning because I can.

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    Re: I'm reading comic books

    I actually never really got into reading comic books. However lately in the past few years I did get into reading "The Walking Dead" comic books and even purchased the two compendium they have out. So yes I went to a book store and spent $60 bucks on a comic book, LOL. Now could I have ever done this if I had a twat in tow? No way in hell. When can I read these comic books? Whenever the hell I want to. Hell I might even go out and get me a bow for the zombie apocalypse. Why a bow and not a crossbow? Well for one a crossbow is too slow to reload. Two is that I actually know how to shoot a bow and I am pretty good with them. I can hit a target the size of a beer can from 250 feet out with a 99% hit rate, so a bow is the way for me to go.
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    Re: I'm reading comic books

    When I was about 10 years old, I would take my allowance money, $5, and ride my bike 5 blocks to the cigar store. Inside that store was every kind of comic book available in 1988. Along with magazines, remember those? As I was looking for the lastest G.I. Joe comic, I would let my eyes graze the magazines, into the direction of those special magazines, you know, the ones in the black plastic?

    Man, I miss those days. I'd ride home with two or three new comic books and maybe a few packs of baseball cards, and make sure to read them in the correct order. And, when I was done, I would be inspired to draw.

    I always loved the artwork. Never was good at drawing in that style but, I sure as hell could always appreciate it.

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    Re: I'm reading comic books

    I'm looking for superheros to like. I just look at library stuff. I just read DC is ditching new 52, and marvel is making all female avengers.

    i have a gut feeling that they just need to make some new characters, like who don't wear capes.

    edit: i've started enjoying wolverine and personality types in x-men.
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    Re: I'm reading comic books

    I once took a class in "cultures and comics"..... turns out, the book for it credited the Japanese with creating comics... "manga"...
    I understand there's some examples in the Tokyo national museum that date from around 980 CE and are perfectly legible.. (then again, that bamboo paper sure can last...)
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