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    Future Techno Distopia? Fully Robotic Coffeeshop next to the Starving Jobless Homeless

    San Francisco in a nutshell?

    "The group of “Starving Jobless Homeless” people huddled outdoors next to a “Fully Robotic Coffeeshop” is jarring. The coffee shop, CafeX, features “Coffee from the best local roasters crafted with precision using recipes designed by top baristas.” It’s an image of the coming techno-dystopia in which robots take our jobs and leave everyone who isn’t a capital-owning plutocrat to starve in the streets, no?
    No. There are other things at play here. One reply to the tweet tagged John Stossel and diagnosed the problem immediately: the minimum wage in San Francisco is $15 per hour. That is a wage at which, apparently, the people in the picture cannot be profitably employed and which induces firms to look harder for ways to do with capital what was formerly profitable to do with labor . . . "
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    Re: Future Techno Distopia? Fully Robotic Coffeeshop next to the Starving Jobless Homeless

    Does the robot have a tip jar?

    I don't know what it takes to live in Frisco, but minimum wage is not going to cut it.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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