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    Don't measure up?

    Men's penises are half-an-inch SMALLER if they are exposed to high levels of chemicals in non-stick frying pans and fast food packaging while in the womb, study finds

    • Chemicals known as PFCs are believed to interfere with male hormones
    • Men may develop smaller penises if they're exposed to high levels of PFCs
    • A study found those growing up in polluted areas were 1.25cm (12%) shorter

    Scientists have found the chemicals, called PFCs, can interfere with male hormones and lead to sexual organs being 'significantly' shorter and thinner.
    And this effect is not only seen in the womb, the researchers said. PFCs could have toxic effects in teenagers, too.
    The chemicals, also found in waterproof clothing and greaseproof packaging for food, get into the bloodstream and reduce testosterone levels.

    -----------------------Chemical world we live in guys. Be as healthy as you can, and hope your Mom was not in the generation that used teflon cooking pans.
    Most know about the problem with soy products, just add in these other chemicals.

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    Re: Don't measure up?

    Teflon was invented while I was a teenager. I thank my lucky stars I'm from that generation.
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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