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    Just doing things you enjoy doing

    It is saturday - I am on the beer and I am a massive Halo fan (have the games, books etc) so I am watching Halo Nightfall - it is a crappy straight to film dvd but I love it! Anything Halo related and I am all over it - it is just nice to kick back and relax doing what I want.

    I hope everyone else on here is doing the same

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    Re: Just doing things you enjoy doing

    Cheers Jim01.

    I currently just finished playing some "Castlevania: Circle of the Moon" on my emulator.

    My goals now are to spend as little money as possible to have maximum amount of free time. Only buy stuff that you need and focus on yourself and you will be able to maximize your free time for hobbies. Video games are a great investment for the MGTOW man because once you pay the upfront cost, it provides hours of entertainment.

    I did finish playing "Halo 2" remastered on xbox one. It was fun to play through that game as it had been a while since I've played it. Very nice looking game with the updated textures.
    In the future there will be robots.

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    Re: Just doing things you enjoy doing

    Have not seen the movie, will have to give it a go.

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    Re: Just doing things you enjoy doing

    Table top roleplay and reading are my favorites

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    Re: Just doing things you enjoy doing

    Hamming.. looking forward to the radio Santa visit this year.. something I organize for the kids at my local children's hospital...
    And I sometimes watch anime as well... quite a collection of bluray and DVDs

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