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    Broader Meaning and Specific Context of Survivalism

    I have been thinking about survivalism, lately. I have been thinking of survivalism as a social trend, like fashion or cars. The problem with survivalism is that I read about technology. I read about nano-tech, AI, and genetics technologies. Survivalism seems to have more meaning within the context of current and future social and technological change.

    There are several ways to identify survivalism: age, wealth, and sub-cultures.* Survivalism was also part of the Peak Oil conversation. There are many serious conversations about the validity and success rate of using survivalist techniques to continue living in conditions such as Peak Oil. Some survivalists are older and wealthy; they choose to spend money on a self-sustaining and cost-effective oasis for their retirement.

    I don't know a lot about current Peak Oil conversations. I stopped following Peak Oil conversations about 2012. The Oil Drum website no longer operates.

    I have a feeling that similar trends will replace survivalism. One trend is the Transhumanism, but transhumanism is a future-idea. I am referring to a regressive idea (of the past). I feel like survivalism was a movement away from current and future technology and social conditions. One way to test this idea is to observe the decline of survivalism while countries continue to experience The Great Recession expressed through increasing automation and decreasing "workplace participation rates" of the "civilian labor force". If survivalism was simply a reaction to losing jobs or creating self-reliance, it would continue or increase throughout The Great Recession.

    * A popular reference to survivalism was the Nine Inch Nails song "Survivalism" in the "Year Zero" album in 2007.

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    Re: Broader Meaning and Specific Context of Survivalism

    I already thought about it too. And I think that it's because many times talking about "survivalism" sounds like a "set of hardcore techniques" that are only useful to survive in really harsh situations (like a nuclear war). And most people avoid to think about such situations in the daily life (unless they live in countries like Syria or Iraq).

    And even in such situations, it's easier to think about run to another country where there is no war (yet). The syrian refugees are a proof, but I can agree with them since it's really better try to run to a safe place firstly than try to keep surviving in a place surrounded by war and terrorists.

    I think that most people will realise that survivalism is useful only when they can not run anymore, when there is no safe place to go, and so, they will be obligated to learn how to live in a dangerous place. But this will be only clear when some "total colapse" happen, and they will not be ready to fight to survive. When facing a dangerous situation, people will always try to run first.
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