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    Another one bites the dust - funny videos

    Hello gentlemen

    mgtower has posted an amazing video in an intro thread and it is something really astonishing to me. Being a drummer I was amazed about the timekeeping of this cockatoo when dancing on the Queen song " Another one bites the dust". Guys I was laughing so hard I just couldn't stop. It's funny as hell. Here you go.

    thanks for posting the vid bro. You made my day, Sir. I have watched it countless times now and I just can't stop laughing. This video is great. This cockatoo has the rythm inside man. He keeps the timing perfectly it is something really amazing to watch. I shared this video with my best friend who is a musician, he told me snowball could keep the timing better than most musicians. The end is really hillarious.
    Thanks for posting.
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    Re: Another one bites the dust - funny videos

    For those of you who, like me, had clicked on the embedded video to see "! Video unavailable", maybe this link will work for you:

    Snowball (TM) - Another One Bites The Dust
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    Re: Another one bites the dust - funny videos

    That bird rocks.
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