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Thread: 8.5 million

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    8.5 million

    Obamacare sign-ups fall 4% this year to 8.5 million

    Why Obamacare enrollment is down

    ----------------------------The second article even though from the Detroit News gets it better then the others. It just cost any family to much money. At this time they were expecting most people to be enrolled, 8.5 million is the recorded number of people in NYC. The sooner this crashes and burns the better.

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    Re: 8.5 million

    I never bought into Obamacare, and I don't care for the name Obamacare either. The Republicans fucked up health care reform because too many of them were in the pockets of the health insurance companies like AIG. And let's not forget how much money we tax payers handed over to those bastards at AIG after the crash of '08. Remember the beach party they threw themselves with that money? I do! Now that Trump has arrived (never a Republican until he ran for office) the Republicans are now stopping him from repealing this piece of shit legislation and replacing it with something that actually works. And if they ever try to fine ME for not buying this worthless product they think is "affordable" health insurance, I'll languish in jail till I'm dead!...because I'll NEVER pay the fine.
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    Re: 8.5 million

    I saw an interview with the late Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Mass) where he said back in the 70s his party blocked a Republican effort to institute national health care. In the interview, he said that he regretted blocking it because otherwise by (the time of the interview) Congress could have tweaked any need for improvement and we'd have a decent plan in operation.

    Such is politics.

    Ah, I found an article about it:

    Aug 28, 2009 Kennedy Saw Health-Care Reform Fail in the '70s; Today's Lawmakers Don't Have To
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