Somewhere in between the madness versus insanity paradigm is a place where,
I don't have to do anything other than BE MYSELF and SPEAK TRUTH. Neither
does anyone else.

That place just is. So we just be who we are and find truth.
Nothing at all or anything at all. By our will alone.

Throughout history, men have longed for great challenges.
Challenges worthy of their life, their sacrifice and their good nature.
For many generations, men of great courage and strength
have longed for great women of strength to accompany us.

When we see one, we want to grab one by the pussy.
The Gentleman in us as MGTOW forbids, so we do not.
No matter how badly they demonstrate.

We facepalm at their gross failure, those others who force women.
We call it MGTOW sometimes, but there are other labels.
Women beg us for our pardon.

How does a man pardon guilt for obstructing the flow,
or altering the course of life itself when a woman
committed a criminal act to gain political power?

Through status, arrogance and ignorance I think. Perhaps
there is more to it than this but I'm filling my plastic grocery
bags with my feelings at the moment. I apologize.

I saw my life flash before my eyes as if it were all life.
Somewhere between insanity and Manliness there
is a place of true honesty with ones own self intact
and filled with purpose.

MGTOW try their utmost to go there and do that, first.
Quietly, I think.

Or maybe I just cried like a baby at my first breath of freedom.

I don't know. I don't want to know.

God Damn it feels good to be a MGTOW right now.