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    So called Science.

    So called Scientists tell me that animals aren't sentient. Really? These retards are leading the forefront of society? These retards who call themselves scientists, you give them PhDs and send them to UN conferences to discuss the fate of humanity...and they don't even believe animals are sentient? What? Are you from the stone-ages? Animals aren't sentient? And you teach this shit, this mental faeces and retardation to your kids?

    What a terrible joke humanity is.

    The species is basically lumbering Cro-magnon with clubs in their hands.

    How disgustingly stupid and asinine.

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    Re: So called Science.

    No, Descarte said that animals aren't sentient. The bible has not a word on animal welfare, except perhaps the story of Balaam's ass.

    Science puts all sorts of effort into investigating the internal mental world of animals, and turns up all sorts of interesting results. It's science that puts blue or green patches on the backs of dolphins, so to watch them swim over to the mirror to see what colour they have; science that spent years teaching sign language to chimpanzees, to find out what they might say; science that spends time tickling rats and recording their giggles; and science that has volume after volume of ethics guidelines to be signed off on before any experiment involving any animal may be done. You can't so much as dissect a cockroach these days without justifying it.

    Behaviourism is dead, dead, dead - as dead as Descarte's ghost in the machine. Materialism and evolution teaches us that we, too, are animals; and so it makes sense to suppose that an animal's experience of pain, hunger, loyalty and love are pretty much like our own. No-one seriously supposes that animals do not have an internal mental world, that they can be happy and can suffer. The evidence is too overwhelming.

    I don't know where you are getting your information from.

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