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    Re: Time To Move Beyond MGTOW--Da Pook

    What happens to all the satisfied MGTOW that should be around? Like Unwanted said, we move on. I unplug, put my life into my passion. You don't hear from me, and yet I live a life of unparalleled contentment. I'm still living my life my way.

    Sure, it's not without its difficulties. My YouTube feed normally full of political and red pill content is getting its shit pushed in with an inordinate amount of Tradcon content. I'm busy suppressing a deep seated urge to fulfill my biological obligation, just as many MGTOW do. I'm helping mentor a guy who is now twice divorced.

    To the effigy of Pook, I have this to offer: Just as it seems you have, we move forward with our lives. We are done dwelling on the facts of women, internalizing it as if it's simply information. The facts we know are kept on a metaphorical shelf, as merely a library of National Geographic.

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    Re: Time To Move Beyond MGTOW--Da Pook

    Quote Originally Posted by Unwanted View Post
    Artificial nails scrape in vain down Teflon-coated, face-hardened armour.
    Artificial tears slid in pain down makeup-coated, hard-hearted amour.

    She is vulnerable.
    Perhaps she has moved on from this MGTOW to another, her internal plot revised, and became pragmatic.
    She needs recovery and renewal; her best has been undone.

    Bartender, gimme another one. She's gone now.
    "A bachelor is a man who didnít make the same mistake once." -EternalBachelor
    Specialization is for insects. Robert A. Heinlein.

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    Re: Time To Move Beyond MGTOW--Da Pook

    Quote Originally Posted by LastPriory View Post
    Perhaps she has moved on from this MGTOW to another
    Where have all these MGTOW come from?

    Where have all the good men gone?
    Liberty, Property, Sanity (GreyWolf68)

    Alpha fucks, Beta bucks, Sigma doesn't play.

    MGTOW means never having to care about the female viewpoint (Deathslayer)

    MGTOW is weed for the soul

    I came, I saw, I shrugged, I left

    There is no Tooth Fairy. There is no Santa Claus. There is no Good Woman.

    Disengage, retreat in good order, slash, burn and wait for winter (GreyWolf68)

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