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    Re: You people are EXACTLY like feminists

    You people are EXACTLY like feminists
    Oh, the many ways you are wrong, hunny. Here is just a few examples of how wrong you are.

    Feminists created the hashtag #killallmen
    MGTOW has yet to create such a hateful and sexist hashtag promoting violence against your gender.

    Feminists want to put all men into camps, like the nazis did with the jews.
    MGTOW does not endorse such slave camps for women.

    Feminists spew hate for all men all day, every day all over the world.
    MGTOW is more indifferent to women, getting a good laugh at female stupidity. Hatred is a strong feeling associated with things like fear and envy.. most MGTOW neither fear nor envy women.

    Feminists use bullying tactics and lies {like the wage gap} to acquire superiority over other genders with the law.
    MGTOW do not attempt to change laws in order to acquire superiority over others, only equal and fair treatment for everyone.

    Feminists claim they are victims of oppression.
    MGTOW do not claim this, although we would have every right to, as male genitals are still being mutilated to this day {circumcision}, and no one bats an eye.

    Feminists think being a good housewife is demeaning and sexist, and actually insult other women for choosing to live this way.
    MGTOW dont really care how you want to live, and would most likely NOT condemn you for choosing to stay at home for support.

    Feminists shamed men with white feathers when they did not want to fight in wars.
    MGTOW doesnt use white feathers for anything {except maybe in a tackle box}, and never demanded women lay down and die for american prosperity.

    The list goes on and on, but i really dont have all day to skool some ignorant troll. Try doing some research before making such asinine comparisons and maybe you'll notice how different we are.
    I refuse to be a part of the Three Ring Circus: Engagement ring. Wedding ring. Suffer ring.

    You can't be king of the world if you're slave to the vag.

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    Re: You people are EXACTLY like feminists

    Quote Originally Posted by sara View Post
    MGTOW is literally gender studies for men. You guys know that not every woman is a feminist right? Most of us aren't even feminists and against it as well. You are just like feminists generalizing all women and acting like it's biology with no proof.
    Women today are more out of control than ever. They are also very confused.

    There is a biological explanation for why women behave so badly. Hormones! PMS, PMDD and post partum depression are serious and dangerous issues. I would agree that there are misogynists but I think there are a lot more misandrist and IMO misandry has become culturally acceptable.

    Many women are gold diggers. This is not a generalization, it's a fact. A lot of guys take this into account and look at women mostly as a piece of ass. I would not even bang a gold digger. When I was gigging regularly I'd let them take me out to breakfast and blow and that was about it. These same bitches would not have looked twice at me had I not been in a band.

    These are not isolated incidences. They don't care if you are married. Why should I have nothing but contempt for the majority of women? While you Sara are probably the exception IMO a large % of women in the US have very little integrity or honor and they make if suck for men and women like you. One meets and woman and odds are she's a gold digger or nut case or both. I don't know all the causes or the cures but it is what it is.

    Feminist rhetoric would make Hitler cringe. Just google hateful feminist quotes.

    All women have to do is not get fat, be libidinous, don't, and don't give men grief. Pretty simple huh?

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