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    I Donít Want to Hire Women

    I have to love this a feminist doesn't want to anymore women!

    " It is not men who sabotage women and stump their career growth Ė it is women themselves!"


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    Re: I Donít Want to Hire Women

    A classic. But the little kicker at the end is the real gold:

    WARNING: People in the past 2 hours I have had to Spam 63 comments from losers who tried to inform me that “men and women are psychologically / emotionally, etc. different.” Once again, anybody who embarrasses him or herself by chirping idiotically “yes, men and women are different” will be banned outright. This will be my small investment into sparing these losers further public embarrassment. Stop wasting your time, such comments are not going through on my blog.
    She's puzzled and confused, but will not - will not - hear the truth about the situation. So feminist! So female.

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    Re: I Donít Want to Hire Women

    She can't stand to hire and work with women, but her eyes and ears are totally closed to the REAL REASON why women behave the way they do with this trendy "all behavior differences are socialization" bullshit routine. FFS, we have different hormone levels in our bodies. Adjusting that alone changes psychological, physiological and basic physical aspects. A woman with more testosterone is more aggressive and gets more body hair, and her period may stop. A man on estrogen is less aggressive and gets more female like fat distribution including man-boobs.

    These people want us to believe that men and women are basically the same except for penis and vagina and everything else is a social construct.

    Just how brainwashed can people BE these days?

    The dislike the reality of biological differences between genders because the truth goes against their narrative and does not further their agenda.
    - Feminism is Cancer.
    - Where have all the good men gone? Away. Far far away... from you.
    - NAWALT? Maybe, but EWALT means Russian Roulette is a much safer bet...

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    Re: I Donít Want to Hire Women

    While there's truth here, part of the problem is the author is not much of a manager. I'd forgive anyone an outburst or two. But when an employee of either sex yanks your chain on a regular basis its time to free up their career.

    I don't need to hear the it cant be helped speech either. People do shit cause someone puts up with it.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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