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    Woman running her mouth in Dollar General

    I go to Dollar General a lot to buy toiletries,cleaning supplies etc. a lot there.It never fails.There is always some older woman running her mouth to the staff about some unimportant gibberish.I live in Georgia(unfortunately) and the climate here in hot in summer and very humid an it lasts a long time.Winters can be cool but variable.On this particular day it was in the early forties temperature wise.this old bat was talking about the weather in a loud voice expressing how she liked it so cold.she really was emphasing this point in a boisterous way.she sys ohhhhh ohhhhhh ooooh I love it col.i couldnt satand anymore i started thinking you like it so cold why are you living in the deep south

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    Re: Woman running her mouth in Dollar General

    Thanks for sharing

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