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    Hypergamy Strikes at 13.00 mins


    Hey there. So I found this video on youtube, gave it a look. A guy went about trying to find the causes of depression, and made a fair amount of headway. But at 13.00 minutes, it went straight into what we would view as "Hypergamy Territory", the ceaseless pursuit and display of wealth and status. I just thought you guys would find it enjoyable.



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    Re: Hypergamy Strikes at 13.00 mins

    I watched the video and found many of his points interesting.

    I think he claimed there were five types of depression. In my mind there are only two: Physical, and Reactive Depression.

    With what I describe as physical depression there is some sort of imbalance in the chemicals produced in our bodies e.g. serotonin. The obvious answer to this is address it with pharmaceuticals like Prozac and Seroxat and while this approach works for many I fear that providing these chemicals artificially reduces the need for the body to produce them for itself thereby necessitating ever increasing dosages. This is not a long term solution but merely a crutch to help people through the rough spots.

    Reactive depression is far more complicated. This occurs, in my opinion, when what you have been taught to believe fails to coincide with what experience tells you. This is the red pill. In the blue pill world we naturally fight against what we see because we have been programmed to believe that all is good in the world and if you disagree then it’s a problem with you and not the world – you are in the minority – you must be wrong!

    In this case depression occurs because you see something others don’t. You cannot explain it fully because, especially at the early stages, you cannot express what you are seeing in a way that others understand. You seek affirmation from others who do not see things as you do, and in doing so become frustrated and eventually depressed because you feel that that which you know to be true is ridiculed by your peers.

    Only some of us are strong enough of will to escape this confusion, to stand back, to recognise what is going on and say I’ve had enough of the bullshit.

    It is at this point the ‘reactive depression’ as I call it lifts. Once you shed all the crap the world throws at you and begin to believe in your own convictions and let the world be damned if they disagree, your self-belief knows no bounds. The depression dissipates and you’re left wondering what you were so upset about in the first place.

    Understanding can be an incredibly painful experience, but once you’re there there’s no stopping you.

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    Re: Hypergamy Strikes at 13.00 mins

    Using myself as a petri-dish I understood eventually the there is indeed environmental and biological depressions as the text-books suggest.

    I remember the two differences, the affected me and the unaffected me and they're two polar existences, the one is alien to the other but luckily mine could be worked on, it wasn't a wiring problem it was a programming problem, a bug rather than a feature.
    Flow with whatever may happen and let your mind be free. Stay centered by accepting whatever you are doing. This is the ultimate. Zhuangzi

    someone asked the poet Sophocles: "How are you in regard to sex, Sophocles? Can you still make love to a woman?" Hush man, the poet replied, I am very glad to have escaped from this, like a slave who has escaped from a mad and cruel master."

    Dont worry about me. Worry about why you're worried about me.

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