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    Women have fragile egos...

    So, you have a multi-million dollar career, a good deal of fame and even a movie or two under your belt. What happens when a young fan looks up to you and emulates you a bit as a result? Cue up some game show music and let's play: What Would You Do!? Do you:

    A) Give them your blessing for going above and beyond

    B) Find no fucks to give and carry on about your day

    C) Personally insult this young fan, making yourself look like a colossal asshole?

    If you chose C, you're probably Rihanna. Say, ever have a woman make a blanket statement about men having fragile egos? I'd argue otherwise. Show them this article for bonus laughs!

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    Re: Women have fragile egos...

    Clear recognition of the priority SMV is given above and beyond anything else by both parties involved.

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    Re: Women have fragile egos...

    Rihanna thinks she's the center of the universe

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    Re: Women have fragile egos...

    I wouldn't be surprised if she got punched in the face again. This time by a woman.

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    Re: Women have fragile egos...

    reminds me of a certain Tina Turner song.... I think it went "who needs a heart when a heart can be broken?".....
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