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    Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    BeijaFlor asked me to post this over here. He did already copy it and post, but asked me to log in and post it myself. I took another look at it, made some necessary corrections for spelling, etc, and here it is. I should be more careful about my editing, but when the thoughts come, errors are secondary to allowing the thoughts to flow.

    An HQ response to this thread by ManWithAPLan

    My response:

    “I can pay for my own bills, but I don’t think we should be splitting the bill until we’re seriously dating,” Pace, who did pay up, told The Post.

    So going Dutch is supposed to be bad, but later on OK?

    Yes look around and the opposite will be criticized.
    Somewhere, some of the sisterhood will be saying this:
    "I don't think we should be splitting the bill if we're seriously dating. He should pay then. Maybe going dutch the first few dates, but if it's serious…"

    When what they really mean is:
    "I don't think I should have to pay at all. I have a vagina. He should pay for everything just because I am so special and such good company.

    Dating is part of a traditional 'courting' which is part of the traditional long term mating strategy which used to lead to marriage. Women demanded equality and they have gotten it. Most men do not have the money to live even modestly and spend the money required to date you and satisfy your every selfish want and demand simply because.

    Aside form extra money, the men who do date, and spend their money, can find themselves part of a woman's overall plan to simply reduce her monthly expenses. She's not really serious and wants to take it slow, but she'll definitely date you for free lunches and dinners, or so that she can be travel or just go to a movie, show, or concert.

    And even if she isn't doing that, she's still 'dating' multiple people, but none of those she is dating mean anything or is really serious. 'Dating', simply is an expensive hobby and wasted on random strangers. There's just so little value in it.

    Marriage: What is truly in it for men? - Crickets.
    Dating: what is in it for men? - Crickets.

    No. Your company is not enough. No, your conversation skills are not that impressive. No, watching you stare at your phone, or at least consistently getting interrupted isn't gonna cut it either. No, spending time with you to watch reality tv is not something guys like to do. It's something guys do so they might get to fuck you.

    Still expecting guys to 'provide' and pay is gender biased bullshit girls.

    But men cant just expect us to owe them anything. We don't owe men a smile, or sex, or anything. Men shouldn't just expect anything from women. And that is true. It is. Women owe men nothing.

    Also true though is that men owe women nothing. Men don't owe you interest, or attention, let alone dates. Men definitely don't owe women the privilege of paying for them either - not for food, or a ticket to the show, or even a card or flowers on Valentines day, or Christmas. Most definitively, men do not owe women commitment.

    Women need to step up, lean in, and get a handle on their childish expectations and selfish entitlement in thinking that a men should give them commitment. Holding men to these old expectations (old gender roles) is sexist.

    What? Women thought they could alter their side of the traditional social contract and that men would simply play along and do what they always did forever? Silly Rabbit. Trix are for kids. That ship has sailed. It won't be coming back into harbor anytime soon either.

    See, men did adhere to the old traditions a lot longer. They did so for so long that women failed to realize that one day, the generations of men their mothers and grandmothers had used would simply avoid those commitments women thought they were owed.

    And there is a new generation of men who are finally saying. No thank you, in very large numbers. Numbers so large that women and girls today are now whining because men won't give them what their moms and grandmothers got.

    Where have all the good men gone? We're living peaceful lives avoiding getting trapped into a marriage contract which, overall, totally benefits women and is biased against men. Marriage. Commitment. It's simply a bad deal. And no. Your body. Your company. And definitely not your assurances and promises that you're not like that' are not enough for any sane and rational man to risk giving you any kind of commitment.

    And if a man is not going to be given the same commitment he makes to you, and knows the state is going to take your side if you make any accusation, let alone just decide to divorce him because you're bored - then why do you think any man would want to pay to take you out?

    Dating is dead because the tradition surrounding long term relationships ending in marriage is also dead. So kill the expectations that men should want to take you on dates, or buy you things ,and pay your way. Men have accepted that women owe them nothing. It's time to put on your big girl panties and learn and accept that men owe you nothing either.

    And don't blame men. Blame your mothers, and your grandmothers. No, not all women…yeah yeah. Heard it before. But enough women are like that.

    So just stop expecting men to walk through the mine field blindly as they also search through boxes of hand grenades trying to find the one that won't explode if they pull the pin. That's what relationships are now. The state is the minefield. Women are the the grenades. And like most relationships today, grenades tend to explode.

    Relationships and Grenades - A solid comparison, with inverse failure rates.

    Marriage is a modern day slavery contract. Men are not lining up to become slaves like they used to. Now go cry. Take an anti depressant. Drink the boxed wine you're supposed to avoid when taking certain medications because you know best anyway. And talk to the meowing kitty about how bad life is.

    BTW - the kitty isn't meowing because she actually loves you or wants your attention. She just wants you to change the fucking litter in the litter box.

    Always use the word feelings instead of thoughts where women are concerned. Assuming they are using rational thought over just interpreting what they feel is naive.
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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    Thank you, Demosthenes. I really appreciate your posting this here.

    Now, as far as my thoughts on "wining and dining the ladies" ... It was so bad, in the Seventies and Eighties, that I gave up on it. I can't imagine it being anything other than MUCH worse in the smart-phone-addicts environment of today.

    I would rather fly ten thousand miles to bar-fine a Bangkok bar-bunny, than walk across the street to have a Starbucks' coffee date with the average (or even above-average) self-absorbed, iPhone-addicted, entitled & independent (see the contradiction?) American woman of today.

    (Though yeah, in Thailand I might insist on a junk-check before I pay the bar-fine. But ladyboys aren't really all that much of a problem, as long as you avoid places like Soi Cowboy's "Cockatoo." )
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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    Thanks for posting that info here. Comedy GOLD!

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    I don't understand their problem, they wanted equality this is IT

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    They will always find an excuse.

    "the person who asked the other out should pay" - says the woman as she knows that 95% of dates are initiated by men.

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    This thread is MGTOW101, IMHO. Thanks for saying it perfectly, Demosthenes.

    Like I've always said, "if you're Chad you don't need to pay for a date exactly. On the other hand, if you are NOT a Chad, it's even MORE crucial to NOT be sending low SMV vibes that you must PAY for the privilege to be in their company."

    At most, a pitcher of beer at a CHEAP DIVE bar. But hell, that's putting oneself in the territory of being used by a Professional Dater and boosting their ego.

    I prefer a "drinks at my place" approach.

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    Why don't men and women just cut to the chase.
    Her: How much do you make?
    Him: How many times per week will we be having sex?

    Modern dating is just prostitution covered up in all kinds of tradition and cultural mores.
    Many young women are frustrated that "nobody is dating"... well, thank feminism and tinder for that.

    The cat is out of the bag. Women trade on their look for money, and men trade on their money for her looks.
    Let's all grow up and just be real now, shall we?

    In the case of exploitation, women should avoid sexual exploitation by not prostituting themselves.
    Men should avoid dating and relationship exploitation by simply hiring prostitutes.

    There is no threat of a relationship (or any further commitment) with a pro.
    It remains an incredible value to the alternatives, despite the high hourly rate.

    For example, I can date a 6 (someone in my SMV league) three times at $150 per date and that's $450. For a *chance* at banging a fickle six.
    Or, I can hire an 8 for $400, have sex, save time and have enough left over for a pizza and a six pack.
    The other 2 evenings I just freed up (my time) can be spent in the gym or with friends.

    Not to mention there is none of that painful small talk such as feigning interest in her office politics or latest travel plans...
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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    It's about basic economics, specifically RAROC (Risk Adjusted Return on Capital), if I spend 3 dates on cupcake at an average of 70 per time ($100 USD) then:
    - She might or might not let me have sex with her
    - She might regret that decision and tell the popo that I raped her
    - She might try to Ooops me (since I wouldn't have told her that I have had a vasectomy)

    Alternately, with a prostitute I can have enjoyable sex with someone way above my SMV or way below my age (I actually prefer to have both combined) then
    - If she doesn't put out I don't pay her
    - If she does really well I can tip her more (which I have been known to do in Pattaya)
    - No risk of post-coital regret leading to rape charges
    - No risk of being played for an "Ooops"

    In short I'd far rather pay for sex when I want it (which is only occasionally nowadays), have it guaranteed and relatively risk free than fuck around dating some mindless overweight idiot for a chance to stick my dick in her smelly fuck hole.
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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    It's not just what you spend on her.

    If you do a lot of dating, you need to buy your own overpriced food, 5 drinks and snappy duds to impress.

    Better to keep your money for flash clothes that might help you (like a good suit for work or interviews).
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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    Quote Originally Posted by Demosthenes View Post
    Also true though is that men owe women nothing.
    Now it's too late.
    After decades of feminism, women became too wealthy and men poorer at the same time, due to feminist laws and the fact that women stole most of our best job positions ( in education, public offices, etc. almost all of the positions are taken by them ... BUT the most deleterious jobs have been left to us men of course, very few women work in the factories ).

    They already stole us tons of money , jobs and wellbeing.
    But also rights and dignity: men are not desiderable like they were before and they are often ridiculed.

    Even if you don't pay gold to a sl00t you are dating, you have just limited the damage a little, just a little.
    She in any case does not need you that much, she already has a pretty good life, she just wants to exploit you to get a little more , but it's not that important to her after all.

    In the past, women were not that wealthy so they were already really happy for a little help by your part and gave you something in exchange very easily ( love and sex ).

    Now, any help she may consider sufficient is too much for you to handle, because you likely have the same status as her or below, or maybe a little more but the difference is too little.

    If we want to improve this situation, we not only have to go our own way and ignore women, but at the same time we have to restore the situation we had in the 60s. Take back our stolen jobs and our dignity, normalize the laws.

    After then we can retry dating and it'll go better.

    Sounds good ? Any opinions ?

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    Re: Women's 'feelings' on Equality, 'Cheap' Men, and Dating

    if you ask me... I think feminism and dating/marriage are incompatible by design...
    I've run that thought experiment over a dozen different ways, and I kept ending up with the same resultant: One institution denies the other.....
    but then again... thats just MY experience... and I was never much of an advocate for the forced use of doublethink...
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