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    Exclamation Quick Start Guide (What you should do when you first join)

    Hi Everyone,

    Here is a warm welcome from the admin & mod staff of Glad you could make it here, one of the very best places on the web to talk about all things as they pertain to men.

    In order for your stay to be even more enjoyable, here are a few tips on how to get started:

    *Personalize your Pic: Click "Settings", see "Edit Profile Picture" (picture displays when people click "View Profile" on your name) and "Edit Avatar" (picture that shows up next to your posts). You can upload your own images for your Profile Picture and Avatar.

    *For those of you new to the forum, you will want to head over and post your introductory post in Lounge->New Members Intro.

    As per our esteemed Admin there are certain standards for an intro post, here is some guidance with that.

    *To see your own posts, click your Handle at the top of the page. On the Left Sidebar, you'll see "Find Latest Posts"

    *To set a signature: Settings....My Settings...Edit Signature

    *To PM the Mod team: Jagrmeister, SirReaper, Mr. Anonymous, Axis, BeijaFlor

    *To get help with Technical Issues- PM Jagr or Post them under Specialized Subtopics.

    *To contact another user: Click on their name in the forums. A box will pop up. From there, you can PM them, add them as Contact/Friend or go to their profile.

    *Likes: You can like someone's post by clicking on this image

    When you get a Like, it will show up in a lighted Notifications box at the top.

    Click on that, and then click on "X New Likes". You can also see your Likes by clicking My Profile....and then click on the Likes tab.

    *Reputation: If you really like someone's post, think it was noteworthy, outstanding, and the OP is hopped up on the Red Pill, you can give them Rep. Do this by clicking on the Reputation Star below the user's post:

    When you receive Rep, it will show up in Notifications just like Likes do. To see your historical reps, go to Settings and you'll see on that screen "Latest Reputation Received".

    The Admin & Mod squad of going your own way forums.
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    Re: Quick Start Guide (What you should do when you first join)

    More on uploading an avatar or a profile picture:

    The profile picture is separate from the avatar. You only see the profile picture on your profile page; you see the avatar on the left side of every post. Both of these are small pictures, almost thumbnails; the avatar needs to be no larger than 115 x 115 pixels. You can crop, resize, and rotate your chosen image in Windows Paint, which is built into Windows 7 (and hopefully in Windows 8, though I haven't looked for it because I prefer Adobe Photoshop Elements). "Save as" the altered file into a new file you can find easily; I saved this one as "Avatar_Devil," for example.

    Now you're ready to upload it as your avatar. Go to "Settings" in the toolbar at the very top of your page; that will open to the Settings page, and "Edit Avatar" is in the left side-bar, under "My Settings / My Profile." Click on "Use Custom Avatar" and "Option 2 - Upload Image From Your Computer," then "Choose File." This will open the "My Pictures" directory, and now you can select and upload the avatar image you've prepared and re-sized to fit the 115x115 size that vBulletin will accept as your avatar.

    Once you've done that, click "Save Changes" in the lower-right corner of the dialog, and your new avatar will appear as "Your Current Avatar" in the top left of the dialog box.

    Hope this helps.
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