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    Found it!

    In my introduction I mentioned some of the patriarchs of the manosphere before it was known as the manosphere.

    Marc Rudov of The no nonsense man,
    Henry Makow of Save the males

    But there was one other individual who wrote a lot of brilliant articles and who's name kept eluding me. Well finally I found him.

    His name is Carey Roberts and you'll find lots of his stuff at Carey Roberts -- Archive

    I'm of the belief that much of what he has written is even more relevant now. To save you gents a bit of time I will put up sections of the better posts but for those who want to dig deeper go take a look for yourselves. It will be time well spent.
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    Re: Found it!

    Read a few of his articles.. he has/had an amazing grasp of what was going on and how it was being done.
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