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    Look Poor, Communism is Coming

    Good video of the youtuber sandman, be awere of communism, I think marxism and femmenism are the same thing, I see that the freedom of speech will die. I am worry, femenist lobbies are pushing the govīs to make new rules, more opressive laws.

    Look Poor, Communism is Coming

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    Re: Look Poor, Communism is Coming

    Everything we were "taught" (indoctrinated with) about life behind the iron current in the 50's was bullshit. I've read so many posts from people who lived in that system. Everyone was working, I'm told.

    Growing up in the U.S. educational system in the 60's and 70's we used to discuss how Germany got taken over by the Nazis in grade school. We all were told that it could never happen here because...well, you can finish that sentence yourself. I'm sure you'll be spot on. Still, I noticed the difference between what I saw and heard with my own eyes under my nose, and noticed some adults around me getting pissed off at my cognizance. I realized after Kennedy's assassination that all the things that Goebbels did, the big 3 (ABC,NBC, and CBS) were doing.

    When the Nuremberg laws were passed in Germany, those laws only affected Jews. Most other Germans didn't pay attention to the fact that they had been passed at all. VAWA only affects men, and most men didn't even realize such a law was being passed when it happened. Few realize it today.

    Sandman says communism is coming. Well, I think it's here with its foot wedged in our door.
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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    Re: Look Poor, Communism is Coming


    The only country with real freedom of speech as I see it is the US. In the UK, we lost freedom of speech long ago and in France it is non-existent. People who want to publish unpopular views actually get thrown into prison - a total police state.

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