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    Pump & Dump (F*ck and Chuck)


    Pump & Dump refers to a man having sex with a woman and discarding her afterwards. Essentially, the man and woman have sex but no relationship follows. Generally, it is used when there is some expectation on the woman's part that the two will see each other again (otherwise, it is often called a 1-night stand). It is also referred to a Fuck and Chuck, Hit it and Quit it, or Smash and Dash.


    Pump & Dumps are becoming more common as women attempt to punch above their weight in their 20s, attempting to form relationships with men with a higher SMV, and disregarding obvious signs that the man is not interested in a LTR before spreading her legs. This kind of mating strategy is strongly driven by a woman's misguided sense of her own self-worth & actual SMV, her sense of entitlement with respect to the quality of her mate, and vain wishful thinking. Very often, in a Hamster-driven attempt to protect her ego and perception amongst her social circle, the woman will claim the pump/dump was intentional and that's all she wanted from the man. She eventually internalizes the rationalization and ends up pursuing this generally losing sexual strategy until the Alphas no longer are even willing to use her as a free prostitute.

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