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    Hypoagency is the societal assumption that women lack agency- that is, they lack of ability to make choices and effect the world around them. Therefore, they are not held accountable for choices they make and consequences they face as a result. With female hypoagency, it's always "someone else's fault" and so women never learn from their mistakes.


    Female hypoagency has a number of effects. To begin with, it is a false view of society and feminism. Whereas centuries and millennia ago, the argument would still be untrue, it would have more elements of truth in a brutal world where physical strength was vital for survival, and therefore men dominated. Today, largely there are equal opportunities and rights for both genders. Women can participate economically, in the educational and political system, just like men. Because they have equal rights, they can make choices and impact their world and others. Feminists are knowingly exploiting the age-old misperception that women are 'vulnerable' and blameless, and white knights and blue pill society are allowing them to apply a dated concept to the modern world. The primary reason for doing this is twofold, (1) To bask themselves in righteous 'victimhood' which they can use for false moral authority over men, and (2) To avoid responsibility for their actions and their collective inability to capitalize on equal opportunities to bring about equal outcomes.

    It's best to think of hypoagency not as the default worldview that women have of themselves, but rather a convenient argument when things don't go their way. After all, women very much know they have choices when deciding the details of a wedding, or choosing who is dropping of the kids at daycare this week, but will claim hypoagency in other cases that don't go their way as a way of currying favor with others, with society, or guilt-tripping men. They will often claim things "happened to them", such as in a breakup with a man, refusing to acknowledge their role in the relationship coming undone.

    Female hypoagency strongly influences the fact that women do not learn, especially in areas which involve their Primitive Instinct, such as mate selection. If women refuse to accept responsibility for choices they make and consequences they face as a result, there is no opportunity to learn and change. Instead, they identify the scapegoat, play the victim, and move on unscathed, to make the mistake again or another 50 times. Because hypoagency did, in fact, play some role thousands of years ago, it shaped the evolution of the female mindset. Because women had less ability to shape the world around them, they found it advantageous to develop verbal skills to deflect blame. Evolution did not select for women who exhibited better judgment (since their ability to affect the world around them was more modest), and so there was no evolutionary feedback loop that rewarded women who learned, modified their behavior, and brought about better outcomes. Generally, women were chosen based on their reproductive qualities to a male, not their thinking/survival abilities as men were (which requires learning and adaptation).

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