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    A man who is unable to restrain his lust for women. He is a slave to his Primitive Instincts. He thinks his overt expression of sexual interest for women expresses his masculinity, but he merely comes across as a low-value, desperate lower primate. Further, the horndog's exaggerated assessment of female sexuality (and acting on this impulse) reinforces female entitlement.


    The average blue-pill horndog has not seen through the campaign to oversexualize the male mind - he is all set to rip the clothes off an average looking woman. Markets get thrown off by irrational dynamics. That's one thing people find hard to believe about the stock market when they are first exposed to it- that a company's price is based on investor perception, not a mathematical formula based on their earnings. If buyers (investors) have the wrong idea about let's say the growth prospects of that industry as a whole, a particular stock (within that industry) can be inflated for years and years. Peak Twat is in part caused by this value inflation since most men have bought into the inflated hype of the modern woman (both in terms of his lust towards her and his belief in blue fairytales about women being sugar and spice).

    The horndog always puts Hos before Bros. These men humiliate themselves by prostrating themselves before women. At the same time doing so disadvantages them with women who don't respect them for their slavish adulation. By undercutting other men, they preclude male friendships; and this also ironically worsens their chances with women who like to see 'social proof' in men (in this case, approval of other men). And these horndogs keep stubbornly applying the losing strategy, learning nothing. As many men know, the guys whose eyes light up every time a woman show up, and shower her with attention NEVER got anywhere with women. The horndog who boasted about what he'd do to Girl X never got anywhere. They neither received respect for men or friendship. Horndogs are guys who get bored every time the room is full of other guys. "Sausage party" they'll say. But since they are unable to mange their lust, they can't play it cool, and their over-interest always comes across as desperation - off putting to female prospects and other men can't respect it either. Meanwhile, the guys that cultivated other male friends, didn't boast about their sexual fantasies - they often do well amongst both men and women. "Bros before Hos" isn't just some simple-minded loyalty to our own gender for the hell of it. It's a formula for living a better life.

    The mental process of a horndog amounts to "Durr...titties is good!". The horndog boasts of giving oral sex to women. MGTOWs seek to banish the inner horndog so as not to be susceptible to crass female sexuality. Men have little room to critique women for hypergamy and their hamster when we cannot control our own version of both.

    The blue pill horndog unwittingly changes social dynamics by giving undue importance to women in social settings. He is uninterested in what other men have to say. In a society where blue pill horndogs outnumber other men, of course women develop an inflated sense of self. More often that not however, the blue pill horndog neither gets laid nor earns respect from men. It is as losing a mindset as the 43 year old women we ridicule in Dating who are doing it wrong but never learn.

    Part of it is our society is oversexualized- when this happens, women become all men can think about. Another man is only good if he can help you get pussy. You don't assess his Actual Value (AV)- which is what men really should do. In an oversexualized society, man is on a one-track mind and doesn't focus on the other aspects of his life, doesn't give enough importance to fraternal relations with other guys.

    The horndog cheers on the female slut and is, in a way, her male counterpart (at least in terms of not taming their sexual instincts). The 80% of men have a vested interest in women acting with CLASS. To whatever extent women are slutting it up publicly and being "edgy";, it's not for the horndog machinations of the 80% of dweebs (how women see the 80%). It's for the select attention of alphas. Women think they can get by without class. 2 or 3 dozen pump and dumps later, it starts to dawn on them.....The 80% males, mostly horndogs, cheer on this slutttiness and encourage a culture that keeps them virgins. The only ones benefitting from this are alphas. I've rarely seen the losers in these equations so heartily embrace and cheer on a clearly losing proposition for themselves.

    Horndogs feel lust when they hear the word "girls" (or ladies, or women). They think this:

    But the average girl looks like this:

    And the average woman at work looks like this:

    When women hear the term "men", they ask 'what kind of guys? Cute ones?' When men hear "girls", they go into heat. It's just sad. When I hear songs like "Girls" from Beastie Boys, the image that pops into my mind is one of these fat ones because they make up over 60% of American women today; 30% are obese.

    If you see two male horndogs interact, they appear to compete as to who is more feverishly salivating over women. It's like comparing who has the most unchecked lust for women. "Where the women at?!". It never occurs that managing their instinct and being more discriminating, and having standards, might be more manly than being a dog. In their 'being on the prowl', they lower the standing of all men and inflate the ego of practically every woman they leer at.

    When men stop getting excited when they hear "girls" and instead think 'What kind of woman are we talking about?', the imbalance in gender power will begin to be corrected.

    Conquering the Instinct
    To lurker men: You have one task. You have an inner horndog which needs to be subdued. Your inner horndog is your version of the female hamster, which will cause you to overlook obvious warning signs in pursuit of a bad deal. It will make you do things you never would in your right mind. If you bring that critter under control, life will be simple and clear. You will have a newfound power over your mind. You don't have to become MGTOW nor do you have to be celibate. But you will begin to laugh at what you might once have chased to your own detriment. And you may even pursue and land something worthwhile. Life begins again when you and not some out-of-control vestige of cro-magnon era evolution is in control.

    MGTOW exorcises the inner horndog in a man. The inner horndog has caused us to overlook the increasingly extreme demands of women, their growing contemptuousness of men, and have left women unaccountable for their actions - which have harmed us. Formerly we excused all this because we wanted to sleep with them (as Bill Burr says). MGTOW puts the sex drive in check and allows us to step back and evaluate, for the first time, just how much women have tried to get away with under the guise of creating a so-called "equal playing field". It shatters the feminine illusion; we realize their appearance is makeup-deep, that their hypergamous actions disprove their supposedly sweet/caring nature. This banished the male demons - especially the "White Knight" - that wanted to believe the best in the female nature.Now women can be viewed objectively - and that's what women want to prevent. Because they are found wanting. We ask women damning questions like "What do you bring to the table?". This is basic but absolutely subversive in gender relations.

    MGTOW is the gender-relations equivalent of zero-based budgeting. Let's put aside the past tallies, and Assume women have zero value. Now, let's tally up the pros and cons. Women need to supply the "pros" -- what they're good for (after all we know escorts are more attractive and better in bed; and we know our friends are better company). Women want men to assume they are good for all the things they used to be good for and not think they have other options when it comes to sex. Women DO NOT want to go through zero-based budgeting. But because of MGTOW, for an increasing number of men, women are in fact going through this review.

    Having said all this, at least on the part of being around guys who are salivating and debating whether Tits or Ass are more important, I can kind of see what he's saying. Some of these Horndog conversations at bars make me wonder if the men I'm dealing with are humans or lower primates. That's NOT To say we should be talking about women like they're delicate butterflies. In fact, my criticism has nothing to do with how women are represented in these discussions. It's that the guys have no discipline and seem like they're in heat. It's that lack of control that leads them into being gopher-boy for a woman that gives them sex. PUAs do a better job of this because people like Mystery make it clear you have to "disqualify" yourself as a suitor when talking to a girl- which basically means hide your lust. Learning to restrain, mask, and control your lust is not just a MGTOW thing, it's also a technique in being successful with women.

    Just as people need to weed out the force of advertising and other 'false' factors that subsconciously influence their decisions in order to arrive at a rational choice, I believe so to do we need to be conscious of and extricate female mechanisms that are deviously designed to bypass our conscious mind and trigger attraction falsely. If we can do that, at scale, the "price" of women will fall precipitously and end up somewhere near a penny stock.
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