A woman is not the same after the cock carousel. She loses the ability to pair bond, she devalues any man who isn't alpha, she grows to resent and distrust men in general, she loses faith in love and only seeks to use men for her final life goal: having children in a socially acceptable vehicle of marriage (a single mother is an extreme example of this). The relationship trauma of a hundred pump and dumps has injured her psyche and personality permanently.


Men, after years of casual sex, are often calm, confident, positive and laid-back. At worst, they are roughly the same as they were before.
Women who have mounds casual sex have more baggage than a jetliner. They can't pair bond, they are paranoid, they have all kinds of resentment that spills over her new relationships. Men have the wonderful God given trait of being able to disentangle sex and love. Women can't.

There's a reason that for engaging in identical behavior, men are tagged Players (a positive expression) and women are tagged Sluts (a negative expression). Generally we give positive labels to desirable outcomes. Feminists want to decry it as an unfair double standards, but its two different biologies that respond very different to the same behavior. Feminism has encouraged women to follow a male life script on sexuality to their detriment as quality life partners. It would be very unwise for men to marry a broken woman; increasingly men are not marrying because the pool of available women is severely tainted.

The amount of baggage that a 'broken woman' who spent her 20s single has is enormous. This is the woman who raids your phone for text messages, and then screams you can't blame her "because she's been hurt before". Entering her 30s after riding the carousel, you have a broken woman who no longer truly can love and doesn't truly want sex -- what she needs now is stability and someone who can help her with her one final goal in life- to have kids. The issue isn't that she's been a receptacle for male ejaculate or a carrier of STDS or that her past flings make her more likely to cheat (and be miserable during marriage), it's the trauma of living a life women weren't meant to lead - and the emotional fallout from the predictable failure of her ridiculous mating strategy. That emotional fallout creates a broken woman- someone who is fearful, paranoid, ready to lash out at any perceived mistreatment/cheating, unable to truly love and feel, someone who has learned to hate sex and feel shame because of it (because they used sex in the wrong way, to predictably negative consequences).

In making the decision to have no-strings attached sex and chase men based on Tingles and not their merit as human beings or compatibility, she makes a lifelong commitment (without even knowing it) to Primitive Instinct hypergamy.