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    Bigger, Better Deal


    Bigger, Better Deal refers to a man with more desirable qualities to a woman. The modern woman is always looking out for the "Bigger, Better Deal" - that is a man who's more socially dominant, or has more financial resources, than the man she's with currently. This is also referred to "Upgrading" and "Vine-Swinging"


    This is a function of Primitive Instinct Hypergamy- wherein the woman's cavewoman instincts are unregulated by society (thanks to Feminism) so she feels no inhibition or shame to opportunistically using and discarding men based on their advantage to her. Concepts of love, trust, and loyalty are largely meaningless to women who engage in this practice. Whether they know it or not, their morals and relationship behavior has been regressed by feminism (which has removed the "old rules" with regard to female relationship behavior standards) to circa 20,000 BC. For one thing, her definition of bigger and better is in Cro-Magnon terms typically (a man who is more physically dominant, or socially dominant as opposed to a man who is more caring, more compatible; essentially a man who gives her more 'gina tingles). Second, her behavior of dropping one man for another, is ill-fitting in civilization (as opposed to pre-civilization) given our emphasis on morality, mutualism, and the value in modern times of stable relationships -- so even though the behavior redounds negatively to both the man involved and often the woman making the choice, the hypergamous instinct to go for a "Bigger, Better Deal" is pursued anyway by women anyway due to female Primitive Instinct returning to the fore. As songs like "What Goes Around Comes Around" indicate, very often the male "Bigger, Better Deal" abandons the woman as well, as he was not selected for reasons of compatibility or loyalty.
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