An Alpha Groupie is a woman who gives disproportional attention and importance to the alpha male. Whereas most modern women follow their unrestrained instincts (Primitive Instinct hypergamy or Unrestrained hypergamy) to highly value Alpha males, the Alpha groupie goes further. She is utterly slavish to the Alpha male and dismissive or antagonistic towards other males. The Alpha Groupie also practices this dichotomous behavior in the workplace and other settings, where its practice is often obvious in appropriate for the environment.


The Alpha Groupie is a high-risk female strategy. If successful, the woman can put herself in powerful position earning the favor of the Alpha male. In such a case, she often becomes the alpha female of the group, and has equal or higher social standing than some of the other men in the group. However, in some cases, her behavior earns contempt from other men and leads to her ostracism or other social sanctions. The Alpha Groupie may offer herself up sexually to the Alpha male but that is not always the case. A Groupie is noticeable by how she thrills to attention by the Alpha male, even the slightest validation, and her largely dismissive attitude towards other males. Increasingly, as young women take their solipsism into the workplace, and ignore both professionalism and workplace conventions, increased female Groupie behavior is observed. Because status in the office is dictated by ability and rank, and Groupies orient their compass around superficial markers of male status (the Groupie yields towards men with high social status, not professional status), the Groupie strategy often run awry, causing tension between her and men in the office with actual power.