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    Alpha Fux, Beta Bux


    Alpha Fux/Beta Bux describes how women sexually desire alpha males but rely on beta male providers (~80% of male population) for financial resources. It is generally thought that women are fixated on alphas in their 20s, and "settle" for a beta male as a spouse in their 30s, when they need someone reliable to: stay in the relationship and provide financial resources for her and her future children. Today, it is not uncommon for women to satisfy both urges at the same time, dating an alpha waiter with a coke addiction while either being married to a beta male 9-5 employee who pays the bills or simply dating him and using him as an emotional tampon, to pay for dinners, etc.


    Marriage 1.0 meant that women married early. There was no cock carousel. Women traded their sexual prime (their sexuality in their 20s) to a quality man in exchange for his monogamy, his providing for her, and being a caring and compatible partner. Some would argue it was a fair trade. Today, women satisfy their 'gina tingles in their 20s by sleeping with Alphas, in what is thought as a desperate bid to pin them down into an LTR. When this inevitably fails, and they age into their 30s, they are now post-wall (their SMV has dropped considerably and get less attention, if any, from alphas), they then seek to capitalize on their remaining SMV by marrying an "80%'er" beta male. A man's SMV (and his ability to provide) is significantly higher than a woman's after 30, and therefore a woman seeking to marry a beta male in her 30's amounts to little more than a trap.

    Most post-cock-carousel women have lost the ability to pair bond from their string of failed relationships which involved casual sex but they were unable to keep the man; further they are often Alpha Widows. As such, they lack the ability to truly love the beta male, who they view as a concession prize at best. When a carousel woman (and most Western women are carousel women by their 30s) marries a beta male, sex drops precipitously after marriage because there is no sexual attraction and the two live together largely like roommates, pursuing different careers, but with the female leveraging the male for dividing the child-rearing responsibilities, providing a financial backstop, and other household chores. For all this the beta male may receive a half-hearted blowjob once a month. Meanwhile, most carousel women never forget the tingles they have for Alphas; whether she makes this evident verbally or simply retreats to romance novels to relive her "glory days".

    Alpha Fux and Beta Bux can happen at the same time. Increasingly, women turn to sites like AshleyMadison and rationalize cheating on their husband when the sex gets "boring" (ie: not as exciting as being banged in the fast food bathroom by an unemployed alpha during her 20s). This way, the modern woman can look after her own sexual and financial needs at the same time, in complete disregard for her husband or the stability of her family. This all is "hip" and in keeping with feminism's undertone of amoral female "empowerment".
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