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    My word! I've not been here for years..

    How is everyone? How is the community and is it growing? I'm at fault here... I've been dormant for ages, had my own issues to deal with. (Shit with my mother)
    I hope everyone is keeping well.

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    Re: My word! I've not been here for years..

    Welcome back BAR. I remember your avatar. Hope your ok too.

    We got some new members, a few others have got mad and left. The place is probably smaller than it once was, but that's the way it goes. On the other hand, most of the new rookies are a pretty good crop. For awhile we had a bunch a phony's signing up, Unboxed and Mr. Wombat have agreed to become mods and send these estrogen fueled trolls back to internet hell. We also got castaways from another site that had technical problems last summer. Many joined and a few stayed. A group of friends from that bunch who left started TIM, or the independent man. They seem to be doing alright and are worth a look.
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    Re: My word! I've not been here for years..

    Hey BAR I'm one of those refugees. Glad to meet you.
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    Re: My word! I've not been here for years..

    Shout out to B-A-R. I'm one of the newbs. This is one of the few sane forums still around, imo. Most everything else out there feels like Bizarro World on LSD.

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