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    Re: Where women call the shots

    Quote Originally Posted by BrainPilot View Post
    I give it about 90 seconds into the start of the first female dominated legislative session before it downs on these women that with all this power they have so aggressively sought... comes a responsibility that can't be escaped. So about 91 seconds into that session, you can expect to hear the first complaints about all the problems they 'inherited' from the male dominated sessions of the past...
    Classic female deflection and refusal to take responsibility, leave alone accountability.

    You can catch them in the act with Chads cock inside them and deflection kicks in, and suddenly it's all your fault!

    Why would they be any different in politics while sleeping with the enemy? Hillary Clinton, Uranium 1, destroying emails, and fabricating Russian collusion and funding the FISA court scandal to rid herself of a political opponent during elections. Hillary Clinton is all you need to know about females in power, throw in Nancy Polosi, and shit for brains Cortez from NY and you begin to get the picture!

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    Re: Where women call the shots

    Woman in that picture are never going to get cock unless a guy was drunk and passed out and they jumped on him .

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    Re: Where women call the shots

    I have a different theory about those emails... Just prior to the "Scandal!" Wikileaks or somebody discovered and released red-hand evidence of massive off-shoring of funds by the rich, and it was EVERYONE. Trump, the Clintons, the majority of all CEO's and the hyper-rich. Basically the entirety of the "1%" engaging in tax-evasion that bordered on treason in magnitude.

    Next thing you know, "HER EMAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Hit the news and stayed there for months on end. It was a desperate ploy to prevent prosecution that woulda sent half of Washington, Silicon Valley, and Wall Street to San Quenton for life.

    Least that's my theory.

    And you can bet your ass, that when women run Washington, that sort of thing will happen WAY more often. Can't wait til the first fabricated "sexual assault" in Congress.
    And it's nothing but wide open prairie...

    There's something very fun about MGTOW. In an odd sense, like charting a new territory of the mind, or rediscovering a long lost civilization. Occult knowledge, secret societies, cannibal natives (THOTS), it's all very exciting... lololol.

    Abandon the Abandoners.

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    Re: Where women call the shots

    There's not enough booze in the world to make those century old looking harlots remotely attractive. Plus when that much power is given to women so damn soon, of course something is bound to go awry.

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    Re: Where women call the shots

    Kissin' ain't what I had in mind...said Barnacle Bill, the Sailor!
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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