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    Just watched the movie Die Hard III (with a vengeance)

    The movies was great, despite its age it can easily keep it up with modern movies that involve similarity to our current life style and obviously more technology.

    I watched the movie from beginning to end with no need to take a break or check the phone, I really appreciated it in terms of plot, scenes and characters; that doesnt happen so often.

    I realized something that was missing....women, there were no women if leading roles, no women in supporting roles, only few seconds to drop a line or do something before disappearing.

    No drama, no love, no nonsense about feelings or complaining about something "immoral" one questioning what the main character did or planned to do in order to go ahead.

    That was 1995.

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    Re: Just watched the movie Die Hard III (with a vengeance)




    The whole movie industry went to social justice warrior shit!

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