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    Re: University trying to turn men more sensitive.

    Quote Originally Posted by EternalBachelor View Post
    And by do that (spending YOUR money on THEM) you are providing fuel for a machine that needs to be destroyed........

    I have to ask......what is there to study? "Pretty Woman" was a movie created to do one thing.....make money. How better to make money than produce a movie which women want to see. It's total young handsome 'captain of businees" falls in love with young "classy", whore. He decides she is "the one" and he "rescues" her from a life of whoring and they live happliy ever after......
    I know it's hollywood bullshit...But, with redpill glasses on, certain scenarios withing the script are truths...The way she shows her true nature in the begining is certainly overlooked by most guys. And, dude really just wanted female company, so he just went and grabbed one. Which brings me to my main point: He wasn't playing captain save a ho, in his business/ social circle, not having a woman, a feminine woman, would be a sign of irregularity...He snatched one up that he could keep under control just enough that suited his need for appearance purposes...

    kinda like my brother having a high status job and driving a beat up old hyundai to work everyday. The job was wearing on him, and he wasn't getting much respect at work. I advised him that he needed to make apower play. I told him to buy a Mercedes or a BMW and just by doing that he would get all of the respect he needed because his co-workers were that fickle...

    He went with a BMW. Got instant respect, his workload got lighter some that were using him as a chump backed off, and he even got a raise because it made his boss look even better by having a lowly employee driving luxury in turn elevated the bosses image...

    I'm not looking at the fairytale aspects rather, the practical aspects...And, of course I'm not looking for a wife or a family. But, if I have to play chess, I'd like to have a few more pieces than just the king on the board...

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    Re: University trying to turn men more sensitive.

    Pretty Woman was about the whore getting a Top 5% man. Since most women are, in essence, whores by nature, this movie was very appealing. It also reinforces the blue-pill idea that a man must bring looks, wealth, success and power to the table but her requirements end at "reasonably attractive and not obese". All women need to do these days to get a top man is keep the weight off, but most are so glued to their smartphones they can't even do that. I look at wedding photos on Facebook and every single last one of the bridesmaids are tattooed covered fatties, half with one side of their head shaved. (Trust me ladies, it might have worked for Rhianna but on you it looks like a salon accident).

    The irony here is that if you really believe Red Pill theory down to the last letter, the whore and the simple transaction of "sex for an hourly rate" is the single most honest, decent and fair transaction a woman will ever enter into with a man. On the other side of the scale, the most deplorable woman alive is the one who serial-marries men and "doesn't need to work" because she got her "security" through her five marriages.

    To call that woman a whore is a disservice to all whores.
    - Feminism is Cancer.
    - Love is the idea that one women differs from another.
    - A man needs a woman like a bank needs a robber.

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    Re: University trying to turn men more sensitive.

    Pretty Women movie was written for a different time but Julia Robert's prostitute character was brash, rude, unorganized, and trashy at the start of the movie. Richard Gere's character in comparison was consistently calm, professional, organized, and logical throughout the movie for the most part. Gere's stoic masculinity eventually allowed Julia Robert's character to shine through her femininity which mirrors often in real life.

    Overall, the movie is a fantasy movie where a top echelon man is able to be seduced by a trashy women and this is directly targeted towards women's fantasy. But it has nuances where you can see how society still held values of masculinity and femininity which is no longer true in today's world. In today's world Gere's character would have to accept Julia Robert's character as trashy and rude at face value without requiring her to change for the better. And Gere's character would have to show vulnerability every step of the way even when he was in the right. But in the movie, Gere's character showed vulnerability only when he was in the wrong. Admitting when you are wrong explicitly is definitely a masculine trait but these days people expect men to act like doormats and apologize just for existing lol.

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