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    Re: The truth about sexual harassment

    Quote Originally Posted by MenWithoutChains View Post
    That was written probably -i'm not certain- by an incel that wanted to cause sensation. If it was indeed a woman there is a simple answer: Honey, if he were stacked in the pocket department, you will jump on him with all the baldness and beerbellies in the world. So... bish please to whom are you selling this crackpottery... .
    Gender guesser algorithms are pretty sure it was a female though...
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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    Re: The truth about sexual harassment

    One even says it should be taken down!
    This wouldn't be good for us.
    We need women to be more honest. This is vital life-saving information for men.

    Listen up! If you aren't a hyper alpha, the DO NOT engage with women at all; unless she is a prostitute/escort.
    I am very glad that all these comments are out there now and that women are showing their true colours.

    Women DO judge a book by its' cover and had I known that earlier; I would have saved so much fucking money and time.

    They are not open to romance and seduction; so your words won't have much effect either.
    Why would any man with even a shred of self-respect denigrate himself for some cunt?

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    Re: The truth about sexual harassment

    We need to sticky this thread, too much truth to be lost

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