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    ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    "Some experts estimate four per cent of the population are not aware that the man they call Ďdadí is not in fact their biological father. But Ian Cumming, Chief executive of Health Education England, said he thinks the figure could be as high as 10 per cent during a presentation at the Hay Literature and Arts Festival in Wales. Around 220,000 tests are carried out by the NHS in England and Scotland each year, according to the Telegraph. But the tests have been revealing some awkward family secrets and hospitals have been left with the ethical conundrum of what to..."

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    Re: ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    I'd like to put that statement other way. One in ten british couples who are married and have kids, the woman is stealing from the man and dont think its a big deal, atleast not big enough for the man and/or child(ren) to know.

    Which is exactly the mindset of many thieves in any form of thievery.
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    Re: ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    I am just sitting here stunned at the deception. The number is so high, it tells me any woman would do the same thing. If it is 1 in 10 in the UK, it must be 1 in 7 in the USA. And those are the women going to delivery, imagine how many had abortions. Call me naÔve, but as a teen I always wondered why married women who claimed they loved children demanded no hassle abortion up to the third trimester. It could be very well even they are not sure who the dad is till enough prenatal genetic tests are done

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    Re: ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    In most American ghettos, Father's Day is Mass Confusion day!

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    Re: ĎOne in ten Britons donít know who their real father isí

    I saw a report similar to this in the UK, several years ago. This time, it estimated that 20% of the second/later born weren't actually fathered by the man named on the birth certificate.

    So this more recent report doesn't surprise me in the least. In fact, as it states, the 4% figure is probably wildly underestimating the actual truth.

    Mandatory TELEVISED paternity tests - for everybody - with zero exceptions.

    Retrospective TELEVISED paternity tests - for everybody. Like a double bill. 'The Maury Show ' first....and if (when) they fail....cart them straight off onto 'Judge Judy'.

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