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    Re: Why Do Smart Men Date Dumb Girls?

    "dumb" girls???
    that all depends on what you define as "dumb".... (its like asking what is "normal" or "perfect"... term is just too wide open to interpretation...)
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    Re: Why Do Smart Men Date Dumb Girls?

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Wombat View Post
    Computers are taking over "knowledge" jobs, and particularly any job that relies on what women excel at: rote learning. A huge chunk of those cushy office jobs have dissipated and will never return. No-one needs a secretary anymore: we have Microsoft Outlook. What isn't disappearing is trades.
    Further thoughts: what isn't disappearing is trades, and the one thing that women genuinely do often excel at: anything requiring human interaction. A show of empathy and understanding (no matter how fake).

    And yet again, here the expectation of what computers will do is the opposite of what women want. The supreme goal of a woman's life is to be in a position where she can be an utter bitch to anyone she chooses. That, to a woman, is what power *is*. Being a bitch - more subtly, being *able* to be a bitch - to anyone is the female equivalent of what being able to fuck anyone he likes is to a man. That's the whole goal of life for anyone without a bigger purpose. That's why women marry up - because the boss's wife can be catty to the wives of his subordinates.

    But computers are automating those key "glue" roles - secretary to the boss per exemplar - where a woman who occupied them could treat people around her however she liked. What remains are jobs where a girl must wear nice face all day, which for a modern masculinized woman is sheer hell. No wonder they want boyfriends! Boyfriends are the only people in the world they can scream at and insult without repercussion.

    Of course, you're all thinking "prostitution" at this point, but internet porn has been devastating for strippers. Perhaps even for regular hookers, whose bread-and-butter has always been married men. Porn is fast, hassle free, without anything like the risk that seeing a prostitute is can present, and it's - well - good enough. Gets the job done.

    Nope. Computers and the "knowledge economy" is bad news for women.

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    Re: Why Do Smart Men Date Dumb Girls?

    I think part of the reason that you see commies agitating for Universal Income is because with increasing automation and soft-AI, there will simply be no jobs for the vast majority of women. Things like retail have been devastated by online shopping, many office jobs will be carried out by AI...

    I know this as a fact, due to the adoption of PC's and printers. Because when I worked for the State, lots and lots of older women, who used to type up letters all day every day, had nothing better to do than gossip and stir up shit. My own job was so boring that I surfed the web throughout probably 90% of my time there... much to my detriment. I learned alot, but I really wish I had just gotten an active job instead.

    So if it's not a job that requires a human voice, to act as a meatshield for the corporation, or a dirty/sweaty physical trade job, which will be dominated by men, women are going to be hard pressed to meet their bills. I've seen women in TV shows working in forestry/conservation, firefighting and logging, doing some of the jobs that require quickness and precision rather than stamina and strength. Their small statures work to their benefit in those circumstances, getting their attention fix due to excellence and spunkiness. And to a one, those chicks are vibrant, fun, and nothing but lean, dense muscle. IE: Very rare indeed.

    It's a bleak future for landwhales, is what I'm saying.

    Also mortuary services, for the macabre.
    And it's nothing but wide open prairie...

    There's something very fun about MGTOW. In an odd sense, like charting a new territory of the mind, or rediscovering a long lost civilization. Occult knowledge, secret societies, cannibal natives (THOTS), it's all very exciting... lololol.

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