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    Russell Westbrook gives mvp car to a single mother

    Broad gets knocked up twice in high school and get's a free car.

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    Re: Russell Westbrook gives mvp car to a single mother

    I don't follow pro sports very closely but this has got to be some kind of publicity stunt. I'm sure he's got plenty of friends and family members who could have used a new car, and actually deserved it. He's too famous to not personally know some innocent divorced dads who are getting completely fucked over by the courts.

    Didn't some feminist get hired recently for an elite position in the NBA administration? I vaguely remember an article about it and it sounded like she was obsessed with SJW bullshit and "activism".
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    Re: Russell Westbrook gives mvp car to a single mother

    Can you imagine the uproar if he gave it away to a man, especially a single white male.
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    Re: Russell Westbrook gives mvp car to a single mother

    The deification of the Single Mother is at unreal heights in the black community because 80% of black children are born to single mothers. Unbelievable but true %. So the next generation is naturally dutifully brainwashed to be appreciative to the single mother, seeing her as some selfless angel and not the Tingles-addict, Baby-rabied woman who decided against all reason to doom a child to impoverishment and a broken home. Single mothers tell their kids that whatever they had was because of their sacrifice and the alternative was not being born; in truth, the alternative was being born into a stable house, with a father, and a much better childhood and life overall.

    Just as when the majority became overweight and obese, when the % of deviants hits the majority, the larger society loses the will and ability to scold the bad behavior. It becomes normalized and celebrated as a result of the deviants outnumbering the people making sound decisions. One day a future athlete will give a Rolls Royce electric wheelchair to a 800 lb woman for being a "hero"; aka- making a set of bad decisions and somehow not killing herself.

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