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    Re: Resting Bitch Face and the fall of man.

    Toxic Femininity, pretty much the core influence of resting bitch face, narcissism, self-righteous and the false virtue that woman can do no wrong just because they're women. Society has caved too much into females and their overbearing demands and ridiculously high expectations, yet they have the unmitigated gall to say that they're oppressed by the patriarchy. This country (United States) is becoming more and more of a matriarchy each passing day and Canada has been on that fast track for the past 10 years.

    They've been walking around looking unsatisfied for so long that the attitude has become a part of them and why would any sane man want to deal with that? I don't care how hot she is, I'm not gonna tolerate a bitch.

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    Re: Resting Bitch Face and the fall of man.

    Quote Originally Posted by pbisque View Post
    Something I've noticed a lot recently is how many women walk around with Resting Bitch Face. In tandem with this, I find it strange how modern women absolutely hate it when someone tells them they should smile.

    There is a girl I know. A very feminine one. She always has a smile on her face. She has everything else that would attract a man, but it is her smile that I find most appealing. It stirs the fantasy of finding a non-bitchy woman somewhere.

    Now, as hot as this girl is, I'm sure she is a complete pain in the ass to what ever guy is currently dealing with her. This is not a unicorn hunt. I'm simply noticing how many women actually embrace their inner "bitch" these days. It's actually striking when you find one that doesn't.

    I'm old. I'm trying to see if I can remember a time when women didn't do this. I think back in the 80's, women still wanted to be seen as feminine, at least at school. It must have turned in the 90's. In my family though, all the women have been bitchy forever. It's hard for me to pinpoint what was actually normal back then.

    As I age, I dig more into spirituality. I've now consciously realized how bad feminism is for the soul. The harpies actually embrace the names of Lilith and Jezebel. It explains the ever present scowls they wear.

    Is this really their natural state, or did generations of weak men cause this? I think of how damaging the world wars were to men. It has to be where the masculinity crises started. So many of the truly heroic men died in battle. Many women were forced to "man up" and take care of things simply because there were not enough men to do it. Obviously, the disproportionately affected cultures built on monogamous relationships.

    If the devil exists, he truly is cunning. Step one was to simply cull the world of it's strongest men and unleash the demons Lilith and Jezebel on the world. After that, it seems to simply be a waiting game. I think the faces of women are simply a lagging indicator.

    Women are never happy or satisfied no matter what. They will have that resting bitch face because they know people will still cater to them no matter what.

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