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    NYPD officer arrested in connection with plot to hire hitman to kill estranged husband ...

    " . . . Valerie Cincinelli, 34, of Long Island, was immediately suspended without pay after being charged with conspiracy to commit murder. She was taken into custody after the FBI planned an elaborate ruse where an agent posed as a hitman faked the hit on her former spouse, Isaiah Carvalho Jr.Carvalho's attorney, Matt Weiss, told the news outlet the couple are in the process of a divorce and were due in court June 12.

    In February, it's alleged, she withdrew $7,000 from her bank account and had the boyfriend convert it to gold coins to pay the hitman. After expressing concerns in early May about the timing of the slayings, she is said to have told her boyfriend "to have the hitman kill Jan Doe over the weekend and then wait a week or a month to kill John Doe."
    She also requested that the murder not take place in "the hood" or "the ghetto" so it wouldn't look suspicious, the New York Post reported.

    Cincinelli's father, who lives in Virginia, told the New York Post the allegations against her were "nonsense" and said someone she previously dated “made an allegation against her before that she tried to kill him.”
    “They were married, they have a kid together and then they got divorced," he said of his daughter and her ex-husband. "There is no way on the planet my daughter would have someone try to murder him. That’s nonsense!"

    “The evidence in this case is overwhelming,’’ said Brooklyn U.S. Attorney Richard Donoghue, according to court documents . . . "
    "Someone here in our small town tried to have her husband and his brother killed. On the recording she was asked why not just get a divorce...……...she said she couldn't because her kids would hate her."

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    Re: NYPD officer arrested in connection with plot to hire hitman to kill estranged husband ...

    That is exactly why I avoid them directly and indirectly. Women used to bring life into this world, now they take it out by any means necessary! The blood of multitudes are on female hands and society has been conditioned to not bat an eye!

    But we know better....

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    Re: NYPD officer arrested in connection with plot to hire hitman to kill estranged husband ...

    Despite "overwhelming evidence" her dad doesn't buy it. I guess that explains where his daughters attitude comes from. Her father indulging her every wish when she was little is how they find themselves in this situation today. Happy now dad? Oh well, at least they suspended her without pay. That'll show her they mean business.
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