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    Nice Schopenhauer quote meme

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    Re: Nice Schopenhauer quote meme

    Amazing how things remain the same in centuries when it comes of female behaviour.

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    Re: Nice Schopenhauer quote meme

    When I read stuff like this I think back to when I was little and listening to the adults talk at family gatherings. Somehow, what Schopenhauer wrote was made clear to me growing up. I watched it, I heard about it from their own lips. This guy had it figured out in the early nineteenth century. I even believe I had it partially figured out, and yet, I walked right into it when I was nineteen. I read a quote like this from a nineteenth century man and I feel just like a Dirks Bentley song..."What was I thinkin'?"

    Pay heed gentlemen, This is what they are. They can't help it and don't know what all the fuss is about. I guess you could say they're clueless. I acted clueless when I was nineteen. Even suspected that light at the end of the tunnel was a freight train, and was it ever. But in I went expecting a warm, cozy fire. I got my ass burned just like I figured I would. So, why did I do it? At nineteen, I was going to "change" her...and she me. We changed each other forever. I still ask myself, "so why did I do it?"
    "Don't follow in my footsteps. I stepped in something."

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    Re: Nice Schopenhauer quote meme

    I just read the Wiki page on him, the man is a genius. Intellectual giants from Nietzsche to Einstein cited his work, in the Arts Tolstoy to Shaw, and it appears Darwin borrowed a lot from him without giving credit.

    He definitely WAS blue pill, because he felt man had an innate unquenchable biological desire to procreate. I say WAS, because things were so much different then. A mans survival was not at risk for being blue pill in 1800. And his philosophies put tremendous weight on SURVIVAL. In this gynocentric age, RED pill is survival. He had an interesting thing to say about Monarchs. He felt it was better to be ruled by a lion(King), than a fellow rat(democracy). I wonder what he would say about being ruled by todays feminists?

    another quote of his

    Schopenhauer wrote that "Women are directly fitted for acting as the nurses and teachers of our early childhood by the fact that they are themselves childish, frivolous and short-sighted." He opined that women are deficient in artistic faculties and sense of justice, and expressed opposition to monogamy(guess they always were sluts)


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