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Thread: MGTOW Music

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    MGTOW Music

    Just discovered "The Witch's Promise", Jethro Tull. Have a look at the lyrics:

    Keep looking, keep looking for somewhere to be
    Well, you're wasting your time, they're not stupid like he is
    Meanwhile leaves are still falling, you're too blind to see
    You won't find it easy now, it's only fair
    He was willing to give to you, you didn't care
    You're waiting for more but you've already had your share
    The witches promise is turning
    So don't you wait up for him, he's going to be late
    "Meanwhile leaves are still falling, you're too blind to see". We call it "The Wall".

    I wonder if Tull have other ones like this.

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    Re: MGTOW Music

    I always called him Jethro Dull, guess he's better than I thought.
    Every day I make the world a little bit worse.

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