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    Memo to members: Please observe Rules for the New Member Intros forum

    These rules are from 2016:

    Whereas troll-hunting has become as disruptive as actual trolls, and

    Whereas the New Member Intros section is supposed to be a platform from which new members can get their bearings and introduce themselves,

    The mod team has decided to set forth the following new rules for introductions:

    1.) Do NOT insult prospective members.

    2.) Do NOT make posts calculated to harass prospective members.

    3.) DO ask questions intended to get information mandated by the intro requirements (such
    questions are not considered troll-feeding).

    4.) If a prospective member is obviously a troll, don't feed the troll, contact a moderator.

    *Members violating the above rules will receive a temporary ban.

    *Remember, trolls will make themselves known. You don't need to help them. Help us instead.
    The Rules are not new: insulting prospective members results in a temporary ban. Item 3 above acknowledges that initial Intro attempts may be incomplete. In other words this is not just for people who have registered and who have not even posted an Intro but also for those who have posted an incomplete one.

    In fact, insulting any member is against the rules of this site. New members in particular are dis-incentivized to finish the Intro process.

    Again, these Rules were posted in 2016.

    Thank you.
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    Re: Memo to members: Please observe Rules for the New Member Intros forum

    Whereas troll-hunting has become as disruptive as actual trolls
    What also should be considered is that the above is a 2 edged sword. Something for the members.....and moderators take heed.
    Some recent threads have gone to almost inquisition levels.

    It's a tough job and I appreciate the time you guys take to do it.
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