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Thread: Man Up!

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    Man-out. Over and out.

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    Re: Man Up!

    The people who say Man Up should be very very careful of what they ask for.

    Step back and think about it. Since the dawn of time the male gender has led and provided for the world. We hunted the food. Built the shelter. Fought the battles. Provided for and protected our family. Frequently died from doing all those things as well.

    In return for that we ran the world. As it should be. To the victor go the spoils. We are animals. Like all other species the male sits at the top. It's been that way in nature forever. The natural order of life. It worked that way to the benefit of the world since the beginning of mankind. Men have brought us from the stone age to today.

    Only in recent times has this natural order of things be screwed with. We are told today that most natural tendencies of men are oppressive, unfair, unfeeling, and whatever dozen or so other harmful or bad things you can say. Daily they try to reshape and change out gender's natural ways. Trying to shame us is just one of those ways.

    To those who say Man Up, I say this. You couldn't handle it if I did. If I assumed my natural role as a male right in front of your eyes. A warrior, a take no prisoners leader. The ruler of society and the world. You would shit your pants. That's how awesome, strong, fearsome, and productive men have been for centuries. All of that is in my male DNA. Like it or not. Bubbling and brewing under the thin false veneer of manhood that I must present to today's world.

    Did you say man up to me?
    Careful what you ask for! Make sure you know what comes with the package, before you demand something from me.

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    "People are always angry at anyone who chooses very individual standards for his life; because of the extraordinary treatment which that man grants to himself, they feel degraded, like ordinary beings."
    - Nietzsche

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