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    Male Trooper sexual assualt victim told to manup..

    A source at the barracks said: ‘The male soldier was lying on a bed in the guard room. She leant over him, placing her arms either side of his head, basically pinning him down. He asked her to leave him alone but she carried on.
    ‘They then went outside and she was seen rubbing herself against him and trying to kiss him. He called out “help me”. Eventually the guard commander pulled her away.’
    The commander logged the incident and top brass began an investigation the following morning.
    Tpr Holmes and the male soldier were interviewed separately by commanding officer Major Brian Rogers. Under military law, officers such as Major Rogers are authorised to rule on conduct issues without referring the case to the Royal Military Police.
    But when word spread that he had decided to only warn Tpr Holmes about her behaviour, furious male soldiers tipped off military police officers, who arrived at Combermere Barracks to launch a criminal investigation.

    The source added: ‘The blokes felt she had really been let off lightly and that if one of them had done it to a woman they’d have been in huge trouble.
    ‘A junior commander, not Major Rogers, also told the male soldier to “man up” and stop complaining. One even said he should have slept with her. So somebody notified the RMP. But the male soldier told them that he was prepared to accept Major Rogers’s ruling. He was very upset but he had been got at.
    ‘Senior personnel had told him the case would follow him through his career – he’d be the guy who complained about a woman making a very physical pass at him.’
    Evidence suggests there is a major discrepancy between sentences given to male and female soldiers for sexual assaults.
    In November 2017, a male private who sexually assaulted a female officer was jailed for nine months then booted out. A military court heard he touched her breasts, which he insisted was an accident.
    This is the same gynocentric bs you see with the cases concerning female teachers and their male students. The desperate and sexually obsessed blue pill culture, that think men should be lucky for any female attention regardless of whether it was wanted or not.
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    Re: Male Trooper sexual assualt victim told to manup..

    When a man does it to a woman, it's "sexual assault".

    When a woman does it to a man, it's "nice" or he should "want it".

    Nice to see the comrades have insisted on the investigation. They're fed up with the double standard as well.
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    Re: Male Trooper sexual assualt victim told to manup..

    We want equality, we demand to be the same! We are as good as if not better than than men!

    No, we don't have the same rules.....don't be silly, "girls just want to have fun".
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    Re: Male Trooper sexual assualt victim told to manup..

    The military would like to advise that they don't know what to do with situations like this and it makes them feel uncomfortable. Could any straight men who feel or are being sexually assaulted by women or other men please just shut up and enjoy the attention.

    Thank you.

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    Re: Male Trooper sexual assualt victim told to manup..

    Here, it is the male hierarchy who are protecting the double standard that benefits the woman, Trooper Corrie-Alice Holmes. Will women stay silent in the background as expected or will they also demand equality? That's what I want to know. This was reported yesterday. It may be a tad too soon for this incident to hit the commentary world.

    I didn't see it that the man was worried about his physical safety but that he was not wanting to interact with her because of the lesser position afforded him by society and, as he soon learned, by his command. He saw trouble and he was right.

    I'd hope to see women complaining of this double-standard so I searched on her name, saw only this apparent women's site and the very few comments there from women were also calling foul. Ha, one commenter even worried about mgtow:

    They gotta stop doing this shit where they let her off just because she's female. This doesn't happen often, but the few times it does those bitchass incel mgtow lame ****** latch on to it and point to it as an example over and over and over.

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