Growing Abuse of Parents’ Rights

". . . Well, entire volumes could be written about the abuses Americans suffer at the hands of the government today.

But one especially egregious violation of rights is the state kidnapping children without due process.

I am talking about Child Protective Services.

Has there ever been a more justifiable cause for revolution, than the state kidnapping your children?

Sovereignman reports about a particularly tyrannical family court Judge, Lyris Younge of Pennsylvania.

First, she removed a baby from her parents in an attempt to force a confession.

There was no evidence of abuse. But when neither parent would “cop to it,” as Judge Younge phrased it, she removed the baby from their custody. She refused to place the baby with a willing and fit grandmother, and eventually terminated parental rights altogether.

This went on for two years until last month, a higher court reversed all her decisions. The court issued a scathing rebuke of Judge Younge noting that she violated due process, failed to remain impartial, and had intentionally caused alienation of the family members in an attempt to force a confession . . .

But this was far from an isolated event . . . "