Greetings Bros.

In my random, rambling reading*, I came across this; it's from "The Guide for the Perplexed", by Maimonides, the 12th century Jewish philosopher: "Consider this, you who are engaged in investigation; if you choose to seek truth. Cast aside passion, accepted thought, and the inclination toward what you used to esteem, and you shall not be led into error."

In struck me as being MGTOW.

_ "....if you choose to seek truth....." Which I think most of us here are trying to do, to see the truth, not just about women, but life in general.


_ ".... cast aside passion...." passion, lust, libido, hormones; these are the pitfalls we should be on the look out for, and curb them!


_ "cast aside .... accepted thought
..... " as in society's expectation of us; marry, have kids, support some women; life on the plantation.


_ " .... what you used to esteem..." the hope and wish to find that unicorn and live happily ever after.


Most older men here will already understand all this, and, I think agree with it. But for the younger men, the ones still struggling, and staggering in the hormonal fog, I offer this, in the hope that they see our truths put into different words, will begin to see the reality of modern women and society. And I would hope these words would resonate with perhaps a few of them, and they would be able to avoid the trap.