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    IQ and Testosterone - linked to Scientific Advancement

    " . . . However, a recently published study, led by Dutch psychologist Prof. Dimitri Van der Linden (right) has concluded it’s not so simple. Of course national IQ is important—but so are national average levels of testosterone.

    The study, recently published in the Journal of Creative Behavior, sums up its findings very clearly in its title: National‐level Indicators of Androgens are Related to the Global Distribution of Scientific Productivity and Science Nobel Prizes, [By Dimitri Van der Linden et al May 23, 2018]. In layman’s terms, it’s not just a nation’s brains that predicts its scientific achievements, it’s…well…it’s balls!

    Van der Linden and his team are fascinated by the way that countries where average IQ is considerably higher than the European average—such as Japan, South Korea and Finland—score so poorly in terms of per capita science Nobel prizes and other measures of per capita scientific achievement, such as highly cited publications . . .

    The researchers argue that there is a key difference between being a scientist and being the kind of “genius” scientist who makes the earth-shattering discovery that is considered worthy of a science Nobel prize . . .

    However, studies of acknowledged geniuses and of many science Nobel prize winners indicates that they’re not like this at all. They combine outlier high intelligence—far higher than the IQ score of about 130 associated with a science PhD—and moderately low agreeableness, rule-following and impulse control. They are uncooperative, driven, impulsive and neither understand the feelings of others nor particularly care about them if they do understand them. They are, in other words, high functioning autistics . . .

    These kinds of characteristics, argue the researchers, are predicted by high testosterone. It follows, they argue, that when comparing countries of relatively similar average IQ, then it will be the higher testosterone countries that will display higher levels of per capita scientific achievement. And this is the hypothesis which the study tests . . . "

    So this would explain why few women get Nobel prizes in science . . . no testosterone?

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    Re: IQ and Testosterone - linked to Scientific Advancement

    Your intelligence , discoveries and science in general is worthless without big money and power behind it and its usefulness to that power .

    Nobel prize winners and other trail blazers are 200000% more likely to be crazy than have high levels of testosterone .

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    Re: IQ and Testosterone - linked to Scientific Advancement

    In layman’s terms, it’s not just a nation’s brains that predicts its scientific achievements, it’s…well…it’s balls!
    CPRA, could you go back and encase all quoted text with quotes, so it shows up in a bubble (like above)? I can't always tell in these type of posts when it is the MGTOW member writing his own words or when it is the article being quoted. Or if the MGTOWer is alternating back and forth between quoting and making personal comments. Unless I pull up the article(s) and compare line for line. It helps me understand who is saying what.

    Just wondering. I'll survive.

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