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    Re: Guys....I really need your advice

    There's a pill you can take called finasteride that prevents baldness. It prevents the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (sp?) which is the type of testosterone that will attack hair follicles and cause baldness. I somehow know this from my bodybuilding days, probably the guys who took roids used to discuss it on the bodybuilding forums. Never tried it as I'm lucky and not affected. On the downside, there's only two barbers near me and they are both female and annoying. So, I'm always faced with a choice of travelling ages for a haircut or biting the bullet and going locally. It usually ends up with me having it cut short and then leaving it as long as possible between having it cut. Shame that barbers that banned women and put a 'bird' table outside for them isn't near me.

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    Re: Guys....I really need your advice

    Quote Originally Posted by PistolPete View Post
    Waiter! No more wine for MGTOW-Forever's table.

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    Re: Guys....I really need your advice

    Quote Originally Posted by Neo View Post
    Battery operated scalp massager 20-30 minutes a day while watching a movie (very relaxing), and American Crew Hair Recovery foam. Sure I could just shave it off, but doing the foam and massage is barely any effort and the foam will last you for 6 months.
    Its natures gift to humans that they do not use . Fucking its like orgasm on heroine without consequences .
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