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Thread: Ghost town

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    Re: Ghost town

    I like the new picture Count ... Count May-U-la ... Ha-Ha-Ha-Ha

    This has organ music to inspire PistolPete and bats for Tower's belfrey. Talk about bang for the buck.
    "My comfort animal is a Florida Alligator and I take great comfort every time he eats someone!" - PistolPete

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    Re: Ghost town

    Quote Originally Posted by Born-A-Redpill View Post
    As a new member, I also have a small complaint, I normally like to visit forums on my mobile.. But for some reason I can't see my reputation and I can't like users posts..

    When I went here on my laptop yesterday I saw a load of notifications, likes and reputation I've never can see using the mobile version, and I have an up to date phone.

    There are many users posts that I wish to 'like' but have no button to do so, shame..
    On my iPhone, I have the option to “Request Desktop Site”:
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    Re: Ghost town

    Quote Originally Posted by Malinois View Post
    On my iPhone, I have the option to “Request Desktop Site”:
    Bahaha you came out as such a nerd
    You cant keep a player down!
    Dont hate him , hate your fuking bullshit game !

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