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    Friendly reminder: Please include comments when linking

    A periodic reminder: Please include comments when linking

    Hi guys,

    Sometimes we see posts that contain only a link to an external site without any comment placed by the member to introduce or otherwise explain the link. The post contains just a link, nothing else.

    Some of our users have expressed an unwillingness to click on links that are unaccompanied by user text, as possible spam or trolling.

    In concert with their concern, we are always seeking to improve the quality of this site and, yes, show users we are concerned about unacceptable material.

    To make your post more interesting and your link more desirable to pursue, will you please add your comments there, next to that link?

    This also applies to embedded videos. Don't count on the embedded video title to explain its content or why you posted it.

    Examples of text to add to your post should include any one or more of these ideas:

    1) introduce what the link/video is about
    2) why you thought it is relevant to MGTOW
    3) point out a highlight or two from the information found in the link/video
    4) mention how the information in the link/video affected you or your reaction to it

    Those are just examples to add value to your post. Pick one or more that may be least obvious to the members who will read your post. You may have additional comments you can make to have a smart posting.

    Your comments are necessary and are above and beyond any text or comments that you may elect to quote from your linked item.

    Thank you for your assistance in making this forum even better for all users.

    Source: Lounge Stickies - Please Read
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    Re: Friendly reminder: Please include comments when linking

    Agreed. Please try to add value to a link or a linked video. And "Hey check out this!" is not really enough. As Unboxxed has just said, if nothing else then at least describe what the link links to.

    And I might add one of my pet peeves at this point. Kindly don't do the opposite and post the content of a page that you could have just linked to. Especially don't do this without making it plain that you are quoting the content. Doing that is banworthy, because we have in the past has false-flags posting RP content that they had stolen.

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