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    When Cryptocurrency becomes The Norm, Women will ask "Why weren't we included?"

    Take a quick look at this video. Maybe just watch a minute. The man is talking about Ethereum- a virtual currency that's emerged to facilitate distributed applications.

    A man, out of intellectual curiosity, may watch the entire video. Or he may not. But enough guys will give it a spin. If you read the comments, they are almost ALL from men. There is no one keeping women OUT; they are choosing not to be present.

    I'm not an engineer. My interest was sparked by the financial dimensions of cryptocurrency as a form of investment even though, at least for Ethereum and alt-coins built on it, they are meant for technical solutions.

    If a woman was watching, she might even chuckle at what she deems a hyper nerd talking about "hashes and stuff"; TOTALLY boring lol!!.

    I know because I've had few brief conversations with women on this topic. ProTip: If you want to end a conversation with a woman, bring up cryptocurrency, distributed applications and the like. A woman only wants to know what the information communicated HAS to do with her; not some broad-reaching, futuristic dynamic that may change the world but doesn't affect her plans this week. In order words, these important developments that you need to clue in on early and will affect their future opportunities, financial picture, etc. is today "Too much information".

    At some point, we may recognize that men and women have different tendencies; tendencies that are biological. Men are predisposed to be intellectually curious; to concern themselves with broad-reaching phenomena, knowing that such trends WILL impact their lives in the future, so it's crucial to get ahead of the curve. Women instead wait for the world to come to them and then, later, cite injustice as an excuse for their inaction. Don't get me wrong; women do certain things better than men- they are probably better multi-taskers than we are; or at least than I am. I can do 3 things at once, but I'll do them all incorrectly. So this isn't another "derr, women are stupid & suck at everything" post. Let's be honest in appraising them, the good and the bad.

    The sooner we acknowledge biological differences, the sooner women can adapt through "nurture"/culture and train one another to compensate for their instinctual weaknesses, if in fact, it's income equality they seek, or equal funding by VC's, etc. We cannot solve the problem if we cannot accurately define the problem, or its root causes. If women want to pursue equality, by all means, let them; but it has to be done in an intellectually honest way that doesn't automatically fault others for their own shortcomings.
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    Re: When Cryptocurrency becomes The Norm, Women will ask "Why weren't we included?"

    Funnily enough I watched the entire video just out of curiosity. In all honesty I think women use systems they cannot possibly understand all the time in the sense of computers, the Internet, the washing machine, the dryer, all that stuff. Men may not understand everything about it either, but at least they are more curious about these systems they use. If you need a male space, go to a place where systemic thought is required (a chess club, a hackathon etc.)

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    Re: When Cryptocurrency becomes The Norm, Women will ask "Why weren't we included?"

    Cryptocurrency is a powerful MGTOW tool and gives me hope for the future. Not because I want to become rich, but because it takes away control from the feminists. I have noticed for years now that women simply don't get it. They don't see the potential. There are virtually no women in the Bitcoin community. Even people I have talked to in real life, the different reactions I receive from the men and women are like night and day. If you can find some photos or videos of cryptocurrency conferences, look at the crowd - very few women.

    Funnily enough, I was big into Bitcoin about 4 years ago when I was still with my ex-girlfriend. She hated it when I talked about it. She mocked me for it and called it "stupid imaginary money." Soon after I left her there was a huge bubble and the value increased 10-fold within a couple of months.

    Going off-topic slightly but it's my opinion that although Ethereum is one of the better alt coins and definitely has potential, Bitcoin will eventually consume it, since everything that Ethereum can do (smart contracts) will eventually be possible with Bitcoin using second-layer solutions. That's not to say Ethereum is a bad investment, I'm sure it will fill a niche. The whole industry has a long way to go. To anyone thinking of investing, I don't advise to go all-in during the current bubble. Average-in over the course of several months and then be patient. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme.
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    Re: When Cryptocurrency becomes The Norm, Women will ask "Why weren't we included?"

    Just make a coin that is powered by how much time women spend on Facebook games. Sexism solved! /s

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