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    Another One Bites the Dust! ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Disney Voice Star Jim Cummings Accused of Rape, Animal Abuse

    "Legendary Disney voice actor Jim Cummings — known for characters like Tigger, Mickey Mouse villain, Pete, and Winnie the Pooh — is currently locked in a bitter war with his ex-wife and she is claiming years of abuse by the star, including sexual assault, drug addiction and animal abuse.Jim and Stephanie Cummings were married in 2001 and divorced a decade later, in 2011. (10 years in CA for lifetime alimony? Cha Ching!) They have two minor daughters, Johanna and Lulu, and have been arguing in an L.A. County courtroom over alleged incidents of abuse that occurred between 2011 and 2018, after the couple’s marriage fell apart . . . The ex-couple has also been fighting for custody and support payments and, in legal documents, Stephanie claims Jim would withhold payments of support and “demand sex from me in exchange for meeting his support obligations.” (Crazy man! He expects something for his money!)

    Jim is also very worried about his future with Disney, claiming Stephanie has threatened to ruin his longstanding career. He claims she threatened, “I will go and I will ruin your reputation … I am going to tell people Winnie the Pooh is a woman beating, drug addicted freak!”
    She says Jim is a “much smaller version of Harvey Weinstein,” who needs help for his alleged addictions. She is making it clear she believes her daughters’ lives are in danger around Jim and she wants full custody of the kids.

    Seems weird - all these problems came out after 10 years when the lifetime alimony law kicked in? I'm guessing she filed for divorce 10 years and a day . . .

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    Re: Another One Bites the Dust! ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Disney Voice Star Jim Cummings Accused of Rape, Animal Abuse

    That's what you get for having any intimacy with modern women in modern times, they turn into the worst nightmare you can imagine and the worst of the worst enemy you can have! There's a war on men and it's waged by the women men have any contact with whatsoever! He's just another victim of modern female intimacy gone full circle!

    Only a fool would engage with these creatures of mass destruction!

    When it comes to relationshits the facts are: ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK OF PROPERTY DAMAGE, PERSONAL INJURY, AND LOSS OF LIFE AND LIMB. Nothing hates a man more than a woman and that's the truth! Who the fuck needs that?

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    Re: Another One Bites the Dust! ‘Winnie the Pooh’ Disney Voice Star Jim Cummings Accused of Rape, Animal Abuse

    if it were me, I'd borrow to the hilt, gather all the money, and just disappear. I'd spend the rest of my life as a bartender on some foreign flagged cruise ship, a deck hand on a dive boat in Fiji, or a sailing instructor in some tropical resort somewhere...

    it wouldn't be an easy life having to live and work on cash only. But it'd be a damn sight better than what he's got to look forward to now. Most men say they could never do this because they would miss seeing their kids. But the reality is that they are never a man's kids. They're HER kids. Full custody. That's what it means. I have no desire to pay 21% of my income for up to 18 years for the privilege of 'visiting' someone else's kids. And naming one after me is not going to change that position.

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